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Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Running- Mayrhofen - Tirol

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Hiking tips

Fit for walking in Mayrhofen, the mountains and around the Hotel Zillergrund!

Walking requires not just stamina and a love for nature, but also the right equipment. We can give you tips on hiking gear and what to look out for when purchasing equipment: 

Functionality: ordinary everyday clothing is not always enough for a strenuous hike of several hours. Better to wear functional (breathable) clothing according to the “onion principle”. This not only makes it easier to adapt to changing weather conditions but also conveys more sweat outwards, thus helping prevent the body from cooling. 

Durability:  walking is not just stressful for you, but also for your gear. So make sure you purchase good quality equipment! You can the enjoy your new gear for longer while making your hiking experience easier! 

Good fit: you should feel comfortable in your outfit. Ensure above all that your trousers are comfortable to walk in and not too tight when bending at the knee.

Take your personal needs into account: ask the sales staff in the sports shop for advice if you are going to make special demands on your equipment.

Clothing alone is not enough: even once you are fully clothed there is still something needed:

  • The right footwear
  • The right rucksack
  • The right hiking poles


In principle your shoes or boots are the most important part of your equipment. You will not get very far in uncomfortable shoes. Make sure that the soles have good grip (to prevent slipping), that your ankles are protected, that the footwear is breathable and can let sweat out and that your feet will not quickly get wet. There should be some freedom of movement in the shoe but it should not slide back and forwards too much. 


The best accessory for a longer hike and the best way of taking things with you (food, drink, maps, camera, waterproofs, etc.), a rucksack is a must-have. Ideally the rucksack should have both hip and shoulder straps to permit better weight distribution on the back and hips. A sufficiently large rucksack will save you stress when packing: a capacity of around 45 litres is sufficient. 

Hiking poles

Hiking with poles not only offers a degree of protection against falls but also reduces strain on the joints. Caution is required only as regards the arm and shoulder muscles – make sure to keep your joints and arm muscles relaxed. Nordic walking poles are only to a certain extent suitable for hiking, as they are made of very lightweight materials and are therefore fragile. Telescopic poles are ideal: you simply take them out when you need them for the terrain, as permanently walking with poles is not conducive to a good sense of balance. 

Choose the right equipment to ensure hiking fun, prevent frustration and ensure you enjoy a natural adventure that you will not forget in a hurry.