Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Almhütten - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Kuhe - Alm - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Holz - Blumen - Mayrhofen - Tirol

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Mountain huts

The Hotel Zillergrund is the ideal starting point for numerous walks up to the numerous mountain huts!


Greizer Hut | 2,227m

Ascent: from Ginzling take the asphalt road into the Floitental valley to the Tristenbachalm. Follow the track into the valley to the bottom station of the materials lift (hiker’s taxi available to this point). Continue on Path 521 to the bridge over the Floitenbach stream then take Path 502 up to the Greizer Hut. Walking time: Ginzling (985 m) 4 hours; parking in Tristenbachtal. 


Furtschaglhaus  | 2,295m German Alpine Club, Berlin Section 

Ascent (approx. 2.5 hours). From the Zamsgatterl car park take the road around the reservoir to the Schlegeisgrund. Some 300 metres before the end of the gravel road follow the sign left uphill, zigzagging without difficulty up to the hut. Bags can be carried on the materials lift up from the Schlegeisgrund. 

Another top hiking tip from the Furtschaglhaus:


Schönbichler Horn | 3,133 m | approx.. 2,5h

Take the well-marked path to the grassy slope above the hut then climb steadily up to the Schönbichler Horn. Cross a number of streams to reach a rocky outcrop at some 2,700 metres and climb it in several zigzags from the south. Then ascend more steeply up the rock-strewn slopes below the Schönbichler Horn towards the summit. There is a steep gully on the right (secured with wire rope) up to the south ridge and on to the summit. To continue to the Berliner Hut follow the signs a few metres below the summit on the south ridge. 


Berliner Hut | 2,044 m

The starting point is the mountaineering village of Ginzling. The ascent to the hut takes around three hours via the upper Zemmgrund. The path leads past the Klausenalpe and across the wide valley floor of the Schwemmalpe, then rises more steeply to the Grawand Hut, visible from afar. As an alternative to the track there is a section of the old mule track behind the Grawand Hut up to the Grawandtrett, a part of the valley featuring a number of Alpine huts. The most exciting part of the route starts here: the path leads through a ravine where every metre is a struggle against the steep rock slabs. This leads to the broad Waxeggalpe with the Gasthof Alpenrose at the end. Shortly after the Alpenrose take a left to climb the last half-hour up the old mule track to the hut via the war memorial. Difference in height: 800 metres, walking time: 3 hours.


Hohenaualm | The “Little Tibet of the Zillertal”

The River Ziller rises in the Zillergrund. Drive to Bärenbad then hike about one hour up to the dam wall, then another gentle hour’s walk along the top of the dam. Especially suitable for families. 


Kasseler Hut | 2,177 m

Take the Stillup toll road to the Gasthaus Wasserfall, then take the minibus to the Grüne-Wand hut (1,438 metres, taxi-bus). Then take Path 515 up to the Kasseler Hut. Difference in height: 742 metres, distance: approx. 5 km, walking time: 2 hours


Olperer Hut | 2,389 m | in the Zillertal Nature Park

From the last bus stop take the road southwest along the reservoir via the Riepenbach stream. Shortly afterwards the path leads right (northwest), first through a forest then steeply winding up through mountain pines following the stream. Cross the Riepenbach as the terrain opens up, then continue north over grass slopes upwards, finally zigzagging up to the hut which is visible from afar. Ascent: 600 metres; walking time: 1.5 hours