Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Almabtrieb - Herbst - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Alm - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Berg - Sonne - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Driving the cattle down from the pastures to Mayrhofen

A particularly colourful spectacle awaits our guests: in autumn, at the end of the Alpine grazing season, the cows are ceremonially driven down from the pastures and into the Zillertal wearing big cowbells and adorned with flowers, ribbons, maxims and images of saints

The cattle drive is a particularly colourful event and leads from the Zillertal Alps directly past our Alpine Lodge via the Zillergrund Nature Park. 

The Zillergrund residents enjoy celebrating this festival with their guests, offering local specialities such as Zillertal doughnuts, cheese dumplings, farmhouse bread, speck, grilled meats, pine-flavoured schnapps and sweets, with music and traditional performances by brass bands, whip-cracking and folk dancing. 

There is of course also a particularly attractive autumn activity & leisure programme featuring numerous highlights for our guests at the Hotel Zillergrund.