Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Klettergarten - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Wasserfall - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Klettersteig - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Klettergarten - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Mountain Sports

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Rafting on the Ziller

The tour starts where the Zemm meets the River Ziller in Mayrhofen. After a safety talk, the boat is launched in the water and the crew gets in. Everyone is in the same boat – literally – as we descend the river with its waves and rollers. The tour is an exciting adventure for all the family, offering plenty of safe and enjoyable fun! 

Power rafting

A tour for adventurous rafters on a mini-raft for just four persons offering yet more fun and action on the wild waters of the Ziller. 

Rafting on the River Inn – the Imst Gorge

The Imst Gorge is a rafting highlight. Europe's most popular stretch of whitewater has to be seen to be believed, with the thrill of wild waves and highlight after highlight: rollers, rapids and racing water in the gigantic gorge between Imst and Haiming. Enjoy yourself with friends on a raft expedition to remember through this spectacular landscape! 

Extreme rafting – the Imst Gorge & the Ötztaler Ache

There are not many rivers in Austria that are more difficult to negotiate by raft. The Ötztaler Ache is only offered in conjunction with the Imst Gorge as a starter and training for this demanding tour. You start by jumping into the River Inn, swim through rapids, practise capsizing and learn to follow each instruction from your guides. Safety takes absolute precedence, with two guides for each boat. Your guide will decide whether participants are fit for extreme rafting following capsize drill and swim training.

Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Rafting - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Family canyoning – jumping & sliding!

This tour is perfect for children and families. With a wetsuit and helmet this adventure gives you get a glimpse of the fascinating sport of canyoning. Fun for all the family! 

Blue Lagoon – the fun park for canyoning trips!

This is the fun park for canyoning trips and certainly the best canyoning experience in the Zillertal. Equipped with rope, climbing harness, wetsuit and helmet, you are ready to take on your first canyon. Follow the course of the water while your experienced guide is on hand to assist, and leap into crystal-clear pools as you venture deeper and deeper into the gorge. 

Blue Lagoon XL - Fun Park XL

For those who are already familiar with our Blue Lagoon canyoning tour, but simply want more. With granite rocks, pools, jumps and abseiling from beginning to end, this is a full 2.5 km of intensive canyoning! 

Abseiling down the “White Snake”

Hidden in the forest, the White Snake awaits you. Stunning and awesome in equal measure, it roars and plunges down into the valley. We abseil down this monster through torrential waterfalls and past bubbling pools, struggling our way through this unreal world. Participants will be expected to abseil by themselves! 

Devils Rider Extreme – ideal for canyoning freaks!

Flanked by beautiful waterfalls, the deep canyon has a special charm of its own. The sun’s rays, reflected in the water, scarcely reach the bottom of the gorge. Safe in your harness you dangle on a rope as the water rushes over the rocks far below. With numerous challenging descents, one of over 50 metres, this is canyoning at its best!

Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Canyoning - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Gamsweg high ropes course

The Zillertal high ropes course is located at the edge of the romantic Zemm Gorge, in the middle of the forest on naturally growing trees. There are 32 different challenges of all levels of difficulty, where even the bravest will be tested to the limit. Full concentration is needed as you gaze 88 metres down into the Zemm Gorge, while three flying foxes with a length of 120 metres run between various stations or bring you back down to earth. 

Steinbocktour high ropes course

This is no ordinary high ropes course: it is the highest and most spectacular forest course in the Zillertal! For this reason there is a high ropes coach to supervise you on the tour. The Big X will tell you soon enough whether you are up to the challenge.

Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Hochseilgarten - Mayrhofen - Tirol



The Huterlaner route is just outside Mayrhofen and its convenient location makes it very popular. It is especially recommended for children and beginners to the via ferrata experience. The Gasthof Zimmereben offers welcome refreshments after your exertions. 


This new route features a reasonably easy but fairly exposed rocky section at the beginning. It involves almost 700 metres ascent with some 300 metres of via ferrata and is thus recommended for advanced climbers. It features several fine sections, including vertical walls and good views over Mayrhofen. The Gasthof Zimmereben is just five minutes away for refreshments. 


The Zimmereben via ferrata is also located near Mayrhofen and is especially impressive owing to its overhanging beginning section, which deters all but the most determined climbers. It is popular in combination with the Hutelaner route. 


This is an Alpine via ferrata that is certainly among the best of its kind on account of its location and north face ambience. The start is located some 45 minutes from the top station of the Gerlosstein lift. After a 2½-hour ascent of the north face we reach the summit of the Gerlosstein. 


The starting point of this via ferrata is the mountaineering village of Ginzling. It is graded “C-E” (medium to difficult). Its length of 400 metres and the exposed sections make it a true challenge.

Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Klettergarten - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Pure adrenalin! Stand on the edge of a gorge, look down – and jump!

The Rock'n'Roll Swing is a highlight for every adrenalin junkie. 

With two ropes to secure you, you stand ready to jump, your pulse racing, then leap into the depths. After a few metres free fall you swing through the canyon. As your pulse slowly returns to normal you are already at the bottom of the canyon and want to experience the amazing feeling of flying all over again! Pure adrenalin, pure rock’n’roll.

Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Klettergarten - Mayrhofen - Tirol