Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Bergwelt - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Adler - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Radurlaub - Mayrhofen - Tirol


Flowering meadows – Nature awakes

As the cold of winter gives way to spring, the season of colourful blossoms and flowers comes to the Zillertal.

A special highlight is when the Alpine roses blossom, a bright and colourful start to the warm season and a time to welcome spring with the first hikes and trips in the Zillergrund Nature Park. 

Spring traditionally starts here with the custom known as “Grasausläuten”. Today it is hard to imagine that many spring customs were supposed to drive the winter away, but this one still survives: people cross the meadows and fields ringing cow bells in order to speed up the growth of the crops. 

There are many parades and processions, especially in late spring and early summer. The local congregation walks with the Blessed Sacrament through the green of nature accompanied by the village population, the local band and the Schützen (traditional militia). These rituals are mostly prayers for protection against lightning and storms and have a long tradition. The uniforms and standards of the individual associations and participating brass bands are particularly fascinating, with the event as a whole well worth seeing.