Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Wellness & Spa - Massagen - Mayrhofen - Tirol
Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Wellness & Spa - Hot Stone - Mayrhofen - Tirol
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Total relaxation! 

Massages are not just relaxing, they also strengthen the immune system and help prevent pain. Massages optimise the blood circulation to the skin, stimulate the metabolism and have an all-round beneficial effect. There are thus plenty of reasons to treat yourself to a massage! Christoph (a certified medical masseur, massage therapist, balneotherapist and electrotherapist) and his massage team will be pleased to see you daily from 14:00 to 19:30. You are welcome to arrange your desired appointment from home before you leave. 


Das Zillergrund - Hotel - Wellness & Spa - Massage - Mayrhofen - Tirol

Our massage offer

Classic massages

From full and back massages to foot reflex zone massages, massages in the proper dosage produce deep physical and mental relaxation thanks to their analgesic and anti-stress effects.

Classic partial massage, 25 mins.
The partial massage focuses on one part of your body and is ideal for releasing tension in the neck-shoulder area, in the back or in overstressed legs.

€ 33.-

Classic full massage, 50 mins.
The full body massage is a treatment that relaxes tired muscles and improves the blood circulation. It helps reduce stress and promotes wellbeing.

€ 60.-

Feet reflex zone massage, 25 mins.
A special massage technique that, by stimulating certain zones of the feet, allows specific other parts of the body to be treated. Blood flow and hormonal activity are improved, thus supporting the body’s own healing processes.

€ 40.-

Sports massage, 25 mins.
Strengthens your back and weary legs so that they are fit and strong again for the next day’s hiking and holiday.

€ 38.-

Vital massage, 50 mins.
Invigorating full-body massage followed by toning embrocation!

€ 54.-
Wellness Massage, 50 mins.
A special massage technique to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, reduce fluid build-up in the tissues and to detox.
€ 62.-

Wellness massage, 25 mins.
A special massage technique to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, reduce fluid build-up in the tissues and to detox.

€ 42.-

Ear candling treatment with ear massage, 25 mins.
A highly effective, simple and versatile warmth and clearing treatment of the ears often used in cases of headache and earache, balance disorders, colds and tinnitus.

€ 45.-

BIO release massage, 25 mins.
Tensions in the face and neck areas are released via the nerves in the head, thus activating oxygen exchange in the body. Highly recommended for stress, migraine or headaches.

€ 45.-

Back-shoulder-neck special, 50 mins.
This combination of a classic relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage for the removal of waste products is especially effective in cases of massive tension.

€ 68.-
Medicinal taping, 15 mins.
Applied in cases of muscle or joint pains, sports injuries and for musculoskeletal support.
€ 20.-
Combined massage, 50 mins.
This massage consists of a partial massage treatment and a soothing foot reflex zone massage.
€ 65.-

Prices subject to modification!

Useful information

  • Our massage team will be pleased to see you daily from 14:00 to 19:30. For organisational purposes we would ask you to book your massage at the Zillergrund reception desk.
  • Please book in at latest in the MORNINGS. We cannot always accept later bookings.
  • If you are going to be late please understand that, in consideration of those who are coming next, we have to follow our treatment schedule. 
  • If you cannot make an appointment, please let us know the day before, otherwise we will have to charge you 100% of the treatment price.
  • We will respond to your individual needs and current mood while we are treating you. Our masseurs will of course keep such information highly confidential!


In the words of Christoph Steiner: “My concern is your wellbeing and your health, generated from within through the art of touching.” 


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