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Summer Mountain Sports -Book your adventure directly at our reception!

All activities listed below can be booked directly with us at our reception!

For all those who cannot get enough adventure in this natural paradise or want to try something completely new, rafting and tubing, paragliding and hang gliding or canyoning are recommended.

Rafting on the Ziller
The start of the tour is the Ziller-Zemm estuary in Mayrhofen. After a safety discussion, the boat is placed into the water and the crew enters. Everyone should be seated in the boat when we take on the river and its waves. This tour is a fascinating adventure for the whole family - great fun and low risk!

Power rafting
Miniraft with only 4 persons. The tour for sporty ambitious rafters offers even more fun and action on the wild Ziller.

Rafting Inn - Imst Gorge
The rafting highlight in the Imst Gorge. Let yourself be inspired by Europe's most popular wild water route! Experience the wild waves and the thrill of the next highlight: The route passes straight through rollers, swells and rapids in the gigantic gorge between Imst and Haiming. Experience this stunning landscape yourself and with your friends. Great rafting fun for everyone!

Extreme Rafting - Imst Gorge & Ötztaler Ache
There are not many routes in Austria that are more difficult to ride on a raft. The Ötztaler Ache is only offered in conjunction with the Imst Gorge as a prelude and training for this demanding tour. You start by jumping in, swimming through rapids, training to flip the boat, and learning to follow the instructions of your guide exactly. Your safety is absolutely at risk here, so two guides are always on the boat. After the boat-flipping and swimming training, your guide will decide whether the participants are fit for extreme rafting. The sunbeams, which glitter on the water, only occasionally penetrate to the bottom of the gorge. You are harnessed safely with a rope. Deep below you the water rushes over the rocks. Challenging descents at over 50 metres. Pure canyoning!

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Family Canyoning - Jumping & Sliding!
This tour is perfect for kids and families. Equipped with cold protection suits and a helmet you get the first insight into the fascination of canyoning during this varied and adventurous hike. It's fun for the whole family!

Blue Lagoon - The fun park among the canyoning tours!
The fun park among the canyoning tours and certainly the best canyoning tour in the Zillertal. With rope, harness, wetsuit and helmet, you are perfectly equipped for the canyon. You follow the path of the water and the guide rappels with a practised hand. Dare to jump into crystal-clear pools and penetrate ever deeper into the gorge.

Blue Lagoon XL - Fun Park XL
For those who have already done our Blue Lagoon canyoning tour, but just cannot get enough. We offer a huge 2.5 km path spiked with granite, pools, jumps and rappel points from the entrance to the exit at the "6er Gumpen". - More canyoning!

The white snake - rappelling?
It lies in the forest waiting for you - the white snake. Breathtaking and respectful, it rushes thundering into the valley. And we rappel with her through raging waterfalls. We fight onward in this unreal world through bubbling pools. Independent rappeling is required here!

Devilsrider Extreme - The crown for canyoning freaks!
The sunbeams, which glitter on the water, only occasionally penetrate to the bottom of the gorge. You are harnessed safely with a rope. Deep below you the water rushes over the rocks. Challenging descents at over 50 metres. Pure canyoning!

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There are lots of options for swimming in the Zillertal! 6 modern outdoor swimming pools, the swimming lake in Schlitters, the amusement park in Aschau and the diverse thermal spa Zillertal ensure carefree swimming and splashing pleasure. Tip: The Zillertal Activcard includes a daily visit to one of the 6 outdoor pools!

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Climbing fun for the whole family is guaranteed when you visit one of the Zillertal high ropes courses in Kaltenbach and Gerlos or the Skyline in Gerlosstein.

High ropes course Gamsweg

The high ropes course Zillertal is located in the romantic Zemmschlucht. Built in the middle of the forest on natural trees, it lies on the edge of a ravine. 32 exercises spread over different levels of difficulty will test your self-confidence to its limits. Deep views of 88 metres into the Zemmschlucht demand your full attention. 3 rope slides with a length of 120 metres bring you from station to station or back to the forest floor.

High ropes course Steinbocktour
Our high ropes course is no off-piste climbing park, but the highest and most spectacular forest ropes course in the Zillertal. That is why you will be supervised by a high ropes course trainer on the tour.

Climbing has a long tradition in Zillertal. So the options for all climbing and bouldering fans are accordingly varied. A total of nine climbs, an indoor climbing hall in Aschau, a bouldering hall in Mayrhofen and an outdoor climbing tower in Gerlos are available. It is also possible to participate in guided climbing tours.


The Huterlaner fixed rope course is almost in Mayrhofen and is very popular due to its convenient location. We recommend this course especially for beginning climbers and children. The Gasthof Zimmereben invites you for a rest right at the exit.

Pfeilspitzwand wall
A not very difficult, but rather exposed rock passage marks the beginning of this new route. With almost 700 climbing metres and about 300 metres of altitude, the via ferrata is recommended for advanced people. The special features of this via ferrata include various very beautiful passages - some vertical wall parts and a good view of Mayrhofen. The guest house Zimmereben can be reached in 5 minutes.

Zimmereben route
The Zimmereben via ferrata is also located near Mayrhofen. This climb impresses, above all, with the strongly overhanging entryway, which has already deterred many climbers. Great when done in combination with the Hutelan via ferrata.

This alpine via ferrata with its location and its northern wall ambience is certainly one of the best of its kind. From the mountain station Gerlossteinbahn, you reach the entrance in about 45 minutes. After another 2.5 hours walk through the north face, you are standing on the summit of Gerlosstein.

The starting point of this climb is the mountaineering village Ginzling. The difficulty of the via ferrata lies with the category "CE" in the middle to upper range. Its length of 400 metres and the exposure make it a really challenging "Via Ferrata".

Pure adrenaline! Stand on the edge of a gorge, look into the abyss and jump!
The Rock'n'Roll Swing is our highlight, where every adrenaline junky gets their money's worth.

Double-secured on 2 ropes, you stand at the jump, your pulse races, and you plunge into the depths. After a few metres of free fall, you swing through the canyon. When your pulse slowly returns to normal you are already at the bottom of the canyon and want to get it right back to this feeling of flying! That's pure rock'n'roll.

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The Zillertal summer mountain.

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