Let your soul fly
Sustainable. Aromatic. Tastful.

Short supply chains, natural flavor variety and the appreciation for local products, this is what our gastronomic concept lives from.


Your gourmet hotel in Austria

Culinary highlightsEnjoy sustainably

Regional and of top quality, that's how ingredients have to be if they want to make it into our kitchen. Because from the breakfast cook to the patissiere, we all think only in terms of freshness. And, of course, to conjure up only the best for you on your plate. Eggs and vegetables from the farmer next door, milk and cheese from the cow you met yesterday on the alpine pasture hike and also otherwise we prefer to source all food from the region. Versatile and sustainable is the selection from which we may draw. Each individual dish is well thought-out, aromatic and served to you lovingly arranged. Of course, also with the appropriate wine accompaniment.

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