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The popular Zillergrund hiking programme

Whether in spring, summer or golden autumn: Hikers and those who want to become one, will find perfect conditions in the natural paradise Zillergrund.

ACCORDING TO THE MOTTO: There is no bad weather... we guide you in almost any weather into the enchanting mountains of our Nature Park - fun and lots of nature experiences are guaranteed.

The Alpine Lodge hiking package offers exactly the right thing for everyone: For the summiteer and mountain hiker, runners, Nordic walkers as well as for families with children.

  • Hike to the most beautiful destinations in the area personally accompanied by the Pfister family (once a week)
  • Backpacks, telescopic poles, hiking map and
  • if necessary rain cover on loan
  • Unlimited hiking fun, directly from the hotel
  • Monday to Friday free guided Nature Park hikes weekly


  • 1000 kilometres of paths, trails and routes are perfect for an unforgettable hiking and mountaineering holiday.
  • 64 marked running and Nordic walking trails with a length of approx. 445 km combine a challenge for both beginners and running professionals with unique enjoyment of nature.
  • We also provide the equipment for hiking, Nordic walking and snowshoe hikes - let us advise you.

The 1000 kilometres of trails and paths allow a variety of hiking destinations at various altitudes. In contrast to other Tyrolean valleys, the Zillertal hardly rises and branches only at Mayrhofen in the four side valleys Zillergrund, Zemmgrund, Stillupgrund and Tuxertal. Beautiful themed hikes and interesting nature trails invite young and old to enjoy nature. Alm hikes: With 150 managed huts in the Zillertal you can enjoy a leisurely hike from lodge to hut across lush green alpine pastures, always accompanied by the good views of the valley and the many Zillertal peaks that challenge you to sporty summit tours.

11 Zillertal summer mountain trains bring you comfortably and safely to your ideal starting point for your alpine or mountain hike. Tip: One daily ascent and descent with the Zillertal summer mountain railways is included with the  Zillertal Active Card !

  • Functionality

    No everyday clothes

    Simple everyday clothing is only partially sufficient for a strenuous, several-hour hike. Functional (breathable) clothing, which is worn on top of each other in layers is better. This not only makes it easier to adapt to changing weather conditions, but also transports more sweat to the outside, preventing your body from cooling down.

  • Durability

    Good quality

    Hiking is not only strenuous for you, but also for your equipment. So pay attention to good quality when buying! That way you will not only enjoy your new equipment for a longer time, but will also walk easier when hiking!

  • Comfortable fit

    from the outfit
    You have to feel good in your outfit. Above all, make sure that your trousers are comfortable in the crotch area and they are not too tight when bending or squatting.
  • Consideration of personal needs

    right equipment

    It's best to talk to salespeople at sports retailers if you have special requirements for your equipment.

  • Clothing alone is not enough

    perfectly organized

    After you've covered your body with clothing from top to bottom, there's still something missing:

    • Good shoes
    • The right backpack
    • The right hiking sticks

    Shoes are in principle the most important part of the equipment. If you do not feel comfortable in them, you will not get very far. So make sure you have good grip (protection against slipping), that your ankles are protected, that they are breathable, and that your feet will not get wet. You should also have some freedom of movement in the shoe but should not slip back and forth too much.

    The best accessory for a longer hike and the best way to take things on walks (food, drink, maps, camera, rain cover, ...). Actually a must. It would be ideal if the backpack has a hip and shoulder strap, because then the weight is better distributed on your back and hips. Sufficiently large backpacks will save you stress when packing. Approximately 45 litres capacity is sufficient.

    Walking sticks
    Walking with sticks not only provides some protection against falls, but also relieves the joints. Be careful when it comes to your arm and shoulder muscles - be sure to loosen the joints and muscles in your arm. Nordic walking poles are only partially suitable for hiking, since they are made of very light materials and are therefore not unbreakable. Telescopic poles, which you can easily take out if you need them for certain terrain, are optimal; constantly walking with sticks is not exactly conducive to your sense of balance.


  • Fun while hiking

    Positive attitude

    Hike with the right equipment - this saves frustration and allows you to experience nature in a way you will not forget so quickly.

Summer Overview

The Zillertal summer mountain.

Ideal for many different activities, such as mountain biking, hiking, swimming or other Tyrolean highlights.

Winter Overview

Winter in the Zillertal

The snow paradise Zillertal with its ski resorts is suitable for all winter sports.

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