Let your soul fly

4 nights bookable from 18.12.2021 – 18.04.2022

Winter fun & wellness time

Short vacation in the Luxury Mountain Resort! 4 nights of vacation in the famous ZillergrundRock, enjoy the snowy scenery, rock the perfectly prepared ski slopes, and find your inner peace while taking a break in the Sky Spa and Nature Spa. That’s what a real short getaway is supposed to be like.

  • Including a 25-minute wellness massage for your tired legs when you are done rocking the ski slopes
  • Gourmetpension PLUS with gourmet breakfast buffet, lunchtime, late lunch & tea time, gourmet dinner and more
  • Pure wellness pleasure in our 3000 m2 big Nature Spa and Sky Spa with the sensational #bestskypoolever2 and much more!
  • Every week there is a new winter & mountain program waiting for you
  • Overview of all ZillergrundRock included services

4 nights from € 656,- p.p.