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The Zillergrund foundersHere for you for 5 generations.

It is not only the unique location that makes our hotel unmistakable - it is our passion and our enthusiasm for inspiring our guests with varied and long-lasting enjoyment. Whether you come to us as a single traveller, as a couple in love or as an adventurous family: the Zillergrund has a lot to offer for any holiday you choose!

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Your Zillergrund founders

The moving history of the Tyrolean hotel - the Alpine Lodge Zillergrund

What began once on a small scale has grown over the decades - from a rural inn to an active relaxation alpine hotel for nature-conscious, active fans, bon vivants and families who want a sense of the authentic. The 100-year history is marked by numerous events that stand for the entire development of Tyrolean tourism. We are happy to give you an overview of the events of the past decades at the Zillergrund.

The Ziller - the roaring, bubbling and hissing waters that gave our valley its name have also helped make our hotel what it is today. Until 1914, the Zillergrund valley was entirely in its natural state until a few seasoned men decided to build a path that extended to the bottom of the valley. Even back then, the area was very popular with hikers and smugglers because of its almost grotesque, wild nature. The fascination with this area has not diminished to this day - so our guests can still enjoy a place of tranquility and an intact landscape with numerous charms.

Pfister family  Bought the lower Kröbas estate at the turn of the century. At that time, business was still handled with a handshake. Now the family could initiate construction projects, which were implemented with a strong will and a lot of physical commitment. Stanis Pfister, the builder, realised his vision and and built a home and rest stop for visitors from all over the world. The idea of staying in the mountains was well received and outlasted both world wars, severe blows of fate and even the death of the builder himself.

Now the eldest son Wilhelm leads the inn. His son Stanis, who worked from 1931 to then in a hut in Lower Austria, returned with his wife Moidal to Tyrol and bought the lowe Kröbas estate from his brother Wilhelm. He in turn bought the zum Stern tavern (now the Neue Post). The renewed expansion of the road around 1953 positively influenced the number of guests: There were already summer visitors who also spent longer periods in the lower Kröbas. By that time, the children Anna and Rudolf were working in the company and cared lovingly for the well-being of the guests. Their father Stanis delighted the holidaymakers with his harp playing, which made him well-known beyond the borders.

The Zillertalers have always been diligent; they constantly renovated, and built and expanded attractive offerings for holidaymakers. In 1960, a stately inn was created; the business boom and they impressively showed that you can achieve a great deal with verve and good ideas. In 1972, the inn was passed on to the son Rudolf and his wife Frieda, who at the same time generously rebuilt and expanded. The four children of Frieda and Rudolf all worked very diligently in the company until their eldest son Hermann took over the business in 1992, which he runs together with his wife Helga and their sons Christian and Rudolf. The parents Frieda and Rudolf are still very engaged in the hotel. They prove that tourism is a matter of the heart, and it is only real when people are inspired by honest hospitality.

The spirit of tourism lives on in the fifth generation, Junior bosses Rudi and Christian are always looking after the well-being of all guests. The Hotel Zillergrund was expanded in 2008 with a swimming pool, completely refurbished in 2011, constantly renovated and maintained. Guests now enjoy offerings for their well-being, an extensive activity programme and countless pleasurable moments. Perhaps the young family member Lucas will be able to tell you how things will progress with the hotel during your visit.

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