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In nature is with nature.

The Philosophy of the Zillergrund Rock and theStory of the Ziller Elf

Once upon a time there was a Ziller Elf... Do you know this story already? The legend of the Ziller Elf? A story we heard a few years ago for the very first time became part of our vision. It's a story about a small but powerful Ziller Elf. You can read a short version of the legend clicking on the title below.

ZillergrundRockLuxury Mountain Resort

An unusual and elegant name. How we came to this idea you ask? As a "Rock" - a strong rock in the surf - we welcome you with unique hospitality and loving service. The usual cordial hospitality is also represented by our "rock" grandmother Frieda and by our whole Zillergrund Rock team. Why ZillergrundRock? We say: a little Rock'n'Roll is good for all of us! We want to rock the future with you!

The story of the Ziller-elf

This saga comes from a time when humans treated nature ruthlessly. Humans dug into the mountains, dirtied the rivers, and cut down whole forests, until the animal kingdom had to flee. Thus, it came that some birds sought shelter in a cave where they discovered an elf. The elf was friendly and to accommodate all the birds in her hair she grew to a giant. After a while the smog that came from the valley lead the elf to lose more and more of her power but to safe her all the birds decided to fly with her out of the valley. They flew with her to a location unbeknownst to most humans, which could be called paradise on earth. This piece of paradise would then be called “Zillergrund”. The fresh air, clear water of the river, the Ziller and the sight onto the powerful Kolm all helped to heal the elf rapidly. The humans on the Zillergrund where different, they were friendly, helpful, and very studious. They took from nature only what they needed and loved it with their whole heart when the elf taught them new crafts. One of those diligent students was Stanis Pfister, who, after endless hours with the elf, built her a new home. This home would from then on always be a place to friends of nature and people in dire need of relaxation. The elf expressed her thanks to Stanis Pfister, by promising him that every guest would be filled with utmost satisfaction and a feeling of happiness, like nowhere else as soon as they entered the gateway to this home. Furthermore, the view on the Brandberger Kolm shall even help to relieve sorrows of aging and the ripple of the Ziller shall be music to the ears.

The history and vision of the Zillergrund

What began small has grown bigger over decades, the rural inn grew into the Mountain Aktiv Relax Hotel – a resort for nature-conscious people, sporty people, the gourmets, and the families with a sense for authenticity and all that only in five generations. A drive for innovation, a strong connection to nature and a down-to-earth attitude are what describes us best. Finally, our idea of the new ZillergrundRock- Luxury Mountain Resort became a reality. Then and now we dedicate ourselves to the promise of the Ziller-elf. It is our vision that every guest will be overwhelmed with happiness and will feel complete satisfaction upon arrival. Every day sorrows shall be okay, the ripple from the Ziller shall be calming, the grotesque nature shall impress – the magic of the Ziller-elf shall be found in every nook and cranny of the resort. Uniqueness, new level of vacation quality, more space and a unique proposition – vacation-magic at its peak.

The philosophy of the ZillergrundRock

Our goal is to make you feel nature even through our architectural design. Sustainable and economical at the same time. That’s how our unique and at the same time unusual architecture of the Luxury Mountain Resort got its inspiration from: the most beautiful bridge of the world, always know as the famous Zillertal-bridge as the Schlegeisspeicher. This bridge inspired us to build bridges in a metaphorical sense: we build bridges to our guests. But you can dare yourself to cross the ZillergrundRock – the Bridge and feel the closeness to the mountains, rays of sunshine on your skin, the wind in your hair and the ripple of the Ziller in your ears… Nothing but Nature. A living symsiosis between nature and architecture. Nature as the protagonist and lodge of a unique architectural spectacle. Through all this you will feel the magic of the Ziller-elf.